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Friday, December 23, 2011


There have been some recent comments here regarding the availability of LANCER on DVD.  First and foremost, the DVD's that are available -- whatever the source -- are hijacked copies of broadcast television.  They are incomplete; with a run time of less than an hour, with as many as twelve minutes of deleted or heavily edited scenes.  The quality is, by today's standards, fair at best; abysmal at its worse.  Some of the sellers are hawking DVD's that are incomplete or of poor quality.

The point of this site is to encourage FOX to release the show in its most complete versions; with the episodes intact; with the full content.  It would also be great to see the DVD's enhanced and brought forward to today's technology; hopefully in high definition.

True Lancer fans want to see the series professionally produced; brought to the screen and suitable for replay on modern, high-quality electronic gear.  It would also be a plus if the remaining actors who created the characters could provide commentary.  We can only hope.

None of this is going to happen if FOX believes there is no market for the show; or that people are content with second rate copies that have been severely edited to allow for commercial breaks.  So what we need here is a concentrated effort to get FOX to see there is a genuine market, with a fan base willing to purchase a quality product.

So, why settle for a zircon when we could have a genuine diamond?

Fan support has succeeded in doing this for other shows.  Let's work together to get this accomplished.